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Whether you are just looking us up for the first time or have been engaged in the ministries of the congregation for a lifetime, welcome to First Pres on the web!

Sunday Service Schedule

  • Worship – 9:30 am
  • Coffee and Refreshments – 10:30 am

Our upcoming worship gatherings are…

Worship, Sunday, February 25, 2024, 9:30 am—We welcome all to gather in the Sanctuary or remotely via Zoom.  If you will be attending via Zoom, please note:

  • The “virtual” doors for worship (i.e. we’ll let people in from the waiting room) beginning at 9:25 am when our gathering music begins.
  • If you will only have audio, we encourage you to keep a copy of the order of service handy, so that you will have the words for unison prayers and hymns.
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Celebrating Our Seniors-Basketball Edition!

In late January, Pastors Kendra and Lora, along with several others from the congregation, were blessed to be part of the cheering section for the River Falls Wildcats Girls Basketball Senior Night, which included honors for our own Emily V! As a family of faith committed to building intergenerational connections, it’s been great to watch Emily grow over the years, and we look forward to the many more amazing things she’ll do as she embarks on new life chapters in the coming months!

Group of fans in stands with high school senior basketball player
Group holding hand weights

Joyfully Hosting StrongBodies Class in St. Croix County

This January through March we are pleased to be able to serve as the host site for St. Croix County Extension’s StrongBodies classes. These classes are designed for mid-life and older adults and include progressive resistance training, balance training, and flexibility exercises. Strength training has been shown to reduce the risk for chronic diseases. What a blessing it is to provide resources for the whole person health and wellness that God desires for all!

LGBTQ+ Ally Learning Center Featured in Church Library

Following up on our great learning session with the good folks of PFLAG River Falls last November, we’ve started off 2024 with a variety of resources in our Library for all to continue learning about how to be an ally to all of our LGBTQIA+ siblings in the congregation and in the wider community. We are always seeking to learn and grow in our practices of welcome and inclusion and are thankful for these additional resources for our individual and collective journeys!

Progress pride flag with various booklets about being an LGBTQ+ Ally
paper water droplets in various shades of blue with words of belonging on dark purple background

Water Words Kick Off 2024 with Reminder of Belovedness

We kicked off 2024 with “water words” to help ground us in our belovedness throughout the year ahead. On paper water droplets, we wrote words that are somehow related to the truth and knowledge that we are loved and claimed by God forever—just as we are. And then we invited anyone who wanted a word to take one and place it where they will see it each day. We hope these water words will be just one more way we can all stay grounded in our belovedness, knowing that as we remember that we are beloved, we remember too that all are beloved. And thereby, we much more readily lead and live with compassion and kindness for ourselves and for all neighbors near and far.