Adult Ministries

Weekly worship offers all an opportunity to grow in faith through prayer, praise, thanksgiving, and thoughtful reflection.

During the week, various small groups offer additional opportunities to explore how our Christian faith informs our daily living. Some small groups meet seasonally, some weekly, and still others monthly. Small groups include a book group, a centering prayer gathering, a mom’s Bible/ prayer group, Lenten Bible studies, and more.

We engage particular issues of faith and the concerns of our community through speaker series, welcoming both experts from the community and members of the congregation to share their wisdom as we seek to embrace God’s desires for the world.

Periodically, we also host retreats for the congregation offering participants the chance to take time apart from daily life to recharge and rest with God, reflect on faith, and build deeper connections with one another.

Learn more about current and upcoming adult and intergenerational events on our events page.


adult ministries
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