Care and Support

We strive to care for one another as family, rejoicing with those who are rejoicing and weeping with those who are weeping. God desires all people to be healthy and whole in mind, body, and spirit, and we seek to nurture the well-being of all.

Following worship each week, we gather to build community and extend care and support to one another over coffee and refreshments. Members and friends of the congregation serve as hosts on a rotating basis.

Our Deacons lead us in caring for those experiencing particular challenges or life transitions. The deacons regularly send cards for milestone birthdays and anniversaries, visit and deliver meals to those recovering from illness or a medical procedure, and visit and serve communion to those no longer able to attend worship on a regular basis. The Deacons also host special events including an annual senior luncheon (for those 75+), a birthday party for residents of Christian Community Homes, card making with residents of local senior living centers, and receptions following memorial services (as desired by the families of the deceased). The Deacons extend care to people in the wider community facing economic challenges through the Deacons benevolence fund.

As requested, members of the congregation also strive to provide rides to medical appointments, assist elderly members with home projects, and more through our Helping Hands program.

We also hold one another in prayer. We share joys and concerns in worship, both aloud and by writing prayers on prayer cards (which can be placed in the offering plate or handed to an usher or the pastor). Throughout the week, our prayer chain lifts up prayers for those we know to be in need, and knitters in the congregation contribute to prayer shawls to convey God’s love and the prayers of the congregation to members of our family of faith facing challenges.

Our pastor is available for pastoral prayers and conversation with those experiencing challenges and can provide referrals to additional counseling and support services as needed.

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