Background of hill with tree, including pictures of communion bread and cup, breakfast items, and Grandview Park, with text "Connection & Community-Communion & Potluck Brunch at Grandview Park Pavilion"

Communion Service & Brunch

For two Sundays this summer (July 7 and August 4), we are embracing the great outdoors and our wider community (while avoiding Vine Street construction)! We’ll gather at Grandview Park Pavilion, 908 Carmichael Rd, Hudson, WI 54016, (where the “Castle” Playground is) at our usual worship hour (9:30am) for a brief worship service of prayer, scripture, and communion. Then we’ll share a potluck brunch, enjoying time as a community! Any and all in the wider community are more than welcome to join us!

For brunch, we’ll have some access to electrical outlets to keep items warm, but as much as possible, please bring items to share that do not require re-heating or refrigeration.

Those who prefer to worship remotely may join us via Zoom (online or via phone). View detailed instructions on how to worship via Zoom. If you will be worshiping with us on Zoom, consider the following in preparation for worship:

+ We will open the “virtual” doors for worship (i.e. we’ll let people in from the waiting room) beginning at 9:25am when our gathering music begins.

+ If you will only have audio, we encourage you to keep a copy of the order of service handy (linked to our homepage), so that you will have the words for unison prayers and hymns.

+ Email Pastor Kendra ( your prayers of joy and concern by 8 am Sunday (or enter them in the Zoom chat during worship) for inclusion in our shared prayers.

Embracing our core value of “creativity,” our worship includes various musical styles and worship elements. Each week, in Scripture, song, and prayers, we give thanks to God for all God’s good gifts and seek God’s call to faithful service in the world. Throughout the year, we incorporate other special elements into worship with the changing seasons and for special occasions.

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Jul 07 2024


9:30 am - 11:00 am


Grandview Park (908 Carmichael Rd, Hudson, WI 54016) and Zoom