First Presbyterian Church Joy Jar Coffee Converation

“Joy Jar” Coffee Conversation

All are invited to come and enjoy conversation over coffee, sharing your thoughts on what brings you joy and what you believe brings the congregation joy as we plan for a renewal period in 2025 (ahead of the congregation’s 170th anniversary). More details about this renewal period below.

Come chat and share your thoughts with Pastor Kendra either:

–>Sunday, Dec. 10, following worship in the Fireside Room

–>Tuesday, Dec. 12, 9:30am, in the Fireside Room and on Zoom (Click to Join Meeting).

If you cannot make either of these gatherings, we encourage you to share your thoughts before December 20, by completing the brief paper form available at the church, completing this brief form online, or speaking with any member of the planning team (Pastor Kendra Grams, Ernie Beachey, Kay Harkcom, and Clara Weyland).



In 2025, we will celebrate our 170th anniversary as a family of faith!

From late June to early October of that year, we will have a focused time for renewal, for both our pastor and the congregation, to spark fresh energy and fuel our shared ministry moving forward!

During this period, Pastor Kendra will be on sabbatical leave, engaging in activities that bring her joy and renew her spirit, both personally and professionally, so she may continue to lead our congregation with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love for years to come!

At the same time, we as a congregation will have focused time for reflection, dreaming, and trying things we’ve always wanted to try, as a way to ensure continued vibrant and faithful ministry in the future. Marking the milestone of our 170th anniversary in this way, offers our entire congregation time to embrace, celebrate, and do more of the things that bring us joy as a family of faith. 
We are preparing an application to the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Grant program, which provides up to $50,000 to support pastors and congregations engaging in a renewal period of this nature. Up to $15,000 from the total grant award can be used by the congregation to help provide for pastoral coverage while the pastor is away AND to fund congregational renewal activities. The grant challenges pastors and congregation to focus on the question “what makes your heart sing?” or in other words, “what give you joy?” As we continue planning for congregational activities that bring us joy, and prepare the grant application, we need your input to guide us! 
Responses will be compiled to guide formation of a plan for congregational activities during the renewal period, and this plan along with other details of the grant application will be presented to the congregation for endorsement at a Congregational Meeting on February 4, 2024, following worship.


Dec 10 2023


10:45 am - 11:30 am


Fireside Room
Fireside Room