Longest Night Worship

Longest Night Worship

This service is held in partnership with Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Hudson.

There’s an Advent tradition within Western Christianity of inviting people to come together for the Longest Night, a night around the time of the winter solstice, when there are more hours of darkness than light. It’s a time to come together for prayers and laments, to mourn the losses and griefs of the year, to let the tears flow for the hurting places in our own lives, as well as for our country and our world. A Longest Night Gathering (known to some as a “Blue Christmas Service”) is intended to be sacred space to share anguish, to plead with God to remember us, to pray for justice and restoration, even to hope against hope, through our doubts and tears and fears, that “God will set things right all over the earth.”

All are welcome at 7pm for this service of sacred words, songs, and candlelight. (If you’d like to join us for dinner before worship, please RSVP here, so that we can plan food quantities accordingly.)

Those who prefer to worship remotely may join us via Zoom (online or via phone). View detailed instructions on how to worship via Zoom. If you will be worshiping with us on Zoom, consider the following in preparation for worship:

+ We will open the “virtual” doors for worship (i.e. we’ll let people in from the waiting room) beginning at 6:55pm when our gathering music begins.

+ If you will only have audio, we encourage you to keep a copy of the order of service handy (linked to our homepage), so that you will have the words for unison prayers and hymns.


Dec 21 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Sanctuary & Zoom