Cross at sunrise

Maundy Thursday Worship

At 7:00pm, we’ll remember Jesus’ final hours (at table with his disciples, praying in the garden, on trial, and on the cross).

We’ll share communion, scripture, poetry, and song.

We welcome all in the sanctuary for worship, with Zoom worship as an option for those who prefer to worship remotely.

Please visit our homepage to see what our current COVID-19 precautions are to determine whether worship in the sanctuary or on Zoom best meet your needs and situation at this time.

Those who prefer to worship remotely may join us via Zoom (online or via phone). View detailed instructions on how to worship via Zoom. If you will be worshiping with us on Zoom, consider the following in preparation for worship:

  • We will open the “virtual” doors for worship (i.e. we’ll let people in from the waiting room) beginning at 6:55pm when our gathering music begins.
  • If you will only have audio, we encourage you to keep a copy of the order of service handy (linked to our homepage), so that you will have the words for unison prayers and hymns.
  • Email Pastor Kendra ( your prayers of joy and concern by 8 am Sunday (or enter them in the Zoom chat during worship) for inclusion in our shared prayers.


Apr 14 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm