Youth Ministries

Weekly worship is the hub of our youth ministries. Teenagers honor all with their honest reflections, deep questions, and searching hearts, and we strive to honor teens by integrating them fully into our worship life as an intergenerational family of faith. Teens serve as scripture readers, serve communion, assist with offering, offer prayers, volunteer in the sound booth, and more depending on their interests and desires.

In addition, we seek to nurture teenagers in Christian faith through a variety of youth-focused learning, community-building, and service experiences. Our teens gather regularly with our pastor and caring mentors from the congregation to discuss the Bible and faith, share joys and concerns and pray for one another, and share God’s love through service in the community.

Teenagers in seventh grade and above are invited to participate in our confirmation program which is a year of focused study designed to lay a foundation of faith and trust in God that will help students throughout the challenging and exciting years of high school and beyond. Any and all teenagers are invited to participate. Our confirmation program utilizes various learning methods:

  • Classroom Learning: Students gather regularly with the pastor for structured classroom learning through Bible study, discussion, and group activities.
  • Experiential Learning: Students attend worship services, assist with worship leadership, attend the annual meeting of the congregation, and participate in service projects.
  • Relational Learning: Students are matched with adult mentors from the congregation who participate in some experiential learning with the class, complete devotional studies with the students, and serve as a conversation partner as the students complete their statements of faith. Parents are also expected to be active participants in the program, reading devotionals/ scripture with their children and attending field trips to neighboring faith communities with the class.

In the summer months, teenagers participate in summer camp and service trips. Teenagers from the congregation regularly attend junior and senior high camps at Clearwater Forest Camp and Retreat Center and have participated in summer service trips for decades through community partnerships.

Learn more about current and upcoming youth and intergenerational events on our events page.


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